Zojirushi NS-TGC10 Micom 5-1/2 Cup Rice Cooker And Warmer, Stainless Steel Review

by Amy Chang

For people who are looking to cook perfect rice every time the Zojirushi NS-TGC10 Micom 5-1/2 Cup Rice Cooker And Warmer is the perfect choice. The one misconception that people have with this rice cooker is that because it states stainless steel the pot used to cook the rice is stainless steel, which that is not the case. The inner pot is a thick black pan that has a non stick coating to it, which does wonders in preventing the rice from sticking anywhere on the pot. The only part that is stainless steel is the exterior, which is nice because it can match the rest of the appliances in the kitchen.


I personally love the NS-TGC10 rice cooker because of how easy it is to use. All I have to do is measure the rice with the included measuring cup, add the appropriate amount of water based on the side markings, and press cook. The one thing to watch out for is the side markings for water, there are a variety of different markings that can be used, which one will depend on the type of rice being cooked. For example, sushi rice calls for a different amount of water than brown or white rice.


    • Timer – The delay timer has two different settings, which is beneficial for people who cook rice twice a day. I only use one setting because the only time I cook rice is at night for dinner. However, I love the delay timer because I can set the timer to start cooking at the desired time.


    • Fuzzy Logic Technology – The fuzzy logic technology is a great feature because it is what allows me to cook perfect rice each time. The technology is used to determine how long the rice should cook for; it automatically adjusts based on certain factors. How long the rice cooks for will depend on what type of rice is being cooked, but also on how much water is inside the rice cooker.


    • Washable Inner Lid – One thing that many rice cookers are lacking is an inner lid that can be removed for washing. Most rice cookers require the lid to be wiped down, but this one actually comes off. Having the lid come off is nice because it allows me to get everything clean before I use it the following day.


  • Warm Settings – This rice cooker will automatically shut off after the rice has been cooked, which prevents the rice from being over cooked. Once the rice cooker turns off it goes into the keep warm setting, which lasts for a few hours to ensure that the rice is served at the warmest temperature possible. In addition, an extended keep warm setting allows the rice to stay warm for a longer period of time, which comes in handy if dinner is going to be delayed.


  • Takes Awhile To Warm Up – The only problem I have had with this rice cooker is how long it takes to cook rice, much longer than other ones that I have owned. This to me isn’t a big problem because I use the delay timer to ensure everything is ready when it needs to be, but others might find it takes some getting used to.

The Zojirushi NSTGC10 is very similar to the Zojirushi NS-LAC05 model; both of them have many of the same features. Being this similar often makes it hard to choose between the two models, so knowing the differences can be helpful. The biggest difference between these two rice cookers is the size of the rice cooker. The NS-TGC10 is a 5-1/2 cup rice cooker, while the NS-LAC05 is only a 3-cup rice cooker. The NS-TGC10 offers more flexibility due to its bigger size, can cook more rice at once if needed, but can also make numerous rice dishes inside one pot. The NS-TGC10 also has the ability to make cakes, whereas the NS-LAC05 does not.

While the Zojirushi NS-TGC10 is a bit on the pricey side for a rice cooker the amazing features that it comes with is more than enough to make up the difference. Since purchasing this rice cooker I have not been disappointed in it, the rice comes out perfectly each time. To make it even better the rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and nonstick rice spatula to help make cooking the perfect rice easier.

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