Zojirushi NP-HBC18 10 Cup Rice Cooker And Warmer With Induction Heating System, Stainless Steel Review

by Amy Chang

The Zojirushi NP-HBC18 10 Cup Rice Cooker And Warmer With Induction Heating System is one of the best rice cookers on the market. One of the reasons that I love this rice cooker so much is because of the induction heating system. This heating system works to provide even cooking throughout the rice cooker, so there is a smaller chance that anything will be burnt or undercooked.

Another reason why I love my Zojirushi NP-HBC18 so much is how easy it is to use. The rice cooker is really simple to use, all that needs to be done is add food and water to the rice cooker, select the correct settings and press start, the machine does all of the rest. Even better is that Zojirushi rice cookers have already made a name for themselves and this model more than lives up to the expectations of the name. I knew when I purchased this model that I was going to get a high quality product and I wasn’t disappointed.


    • Induction and Micro-Computer Technology – This model uses both induction heating and micro-computer technology to deliver perfect rice every time it is used. The induction heating is great because it helps deliver even heating throughout the unit, which ensures nothing is under or overcooked. The micro-computer technology aids in making perfect rice because it automatically adjusts the cooking time and temperature based on the settings chosen and how much food is inside the inner pot.


    • Can select how white rice is cooked – When it comes to cooking white rice, some people prefer it to be softer than regular, while others enjoy it a bit crunchier. The Zojirushi NP-HBC18 gives people the option of selecting how they want their white rice cooked, which allows people to customize their rice. I for one opt for the regular setting because that is how I enjoy my rice.


    • Warm Settings – Like other Zojirushi models, this one comes with the keep warm setting and the extended keep warm setting. The keep warm setting is great for keeping rice warm hours after it has been cooked, even better is that once the rice is done cooking it automatically switches over to the keep warm setting. The extended keep warm setting can be used to keep the rice and its ideal temperature even longer than the keep warm setting.


  • Easy To Clean – I truly love how easy this thing is to clean. The exterior of the rice cooker is stainless steel, but the best part is it doesn’t show fingerprints or even smudges. Unlike other rice cookers there isn’t a lot of steam being produced, so no worrying about water runoff on the outside of the rice cooker. Clean up is as simple as a warm soapy washcloth along the outside of the rice cooker.


  • Takes longer to cook – Rice, even white rice, takes a bit longer to cook using this rice cooker. My older rice cookers would have the rice cooked in about 20 minutes, but this one can take up to 45 minutes to cook simple white rice. However, while this is a nuisance all I had to do was adjust my habits to compensate for the extra time, and it is worth the wait because the rice is so good.

The Zojirushi NP-HBC18 rice cooker is the perfect choice for larger families, but will also work for smaller families. The rice cooker cooks a minimum of one cup of rice, using one of the two rice cookers that came with the unit. Although this is one of the most expensive rice cookers on the market it is well worth the price due to the amazing rice it cooks.

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