What You Can Expect from a Rice Cooker Under $200

by Amy Chang

What You Can Expect from a Rice Cooker Under $200The pricing of rice cookers can vary drastically and one can be had for prices ranging from $19.99 up to around $400. The features and capabilities of rice cookers vary with price accordingly: the more features, the higher the price. Depending on the shopper and the number of tasks they want the rice cooker to perform, the higher price tags may be worth the investment.

Rice Cookers Priced at $50 and Under

Surprisingly enough, good rice cookers can be had for around $20. Although many models will have steaming trays, the shopper should not expect much more in the way of flexibility from rice cookers in this price range. They will usually have 2 – 4 settings and no programming capabilities. In the $30 and up price range, there will probably be warming times of up to 12 hours. All kinds of constructions are available under $50 including the superior hinged lid.

Rice Cookers Priced Between $50 and $100

Similar to the $50 and under category, these rice cookers can be great bargains for people who really do not need the rice cooker to perform more complicated tasks. There will be no induction heating or programming in this price range, either. In fact, the features become even sparser just under $100 as if manufacturers operate under the assumption that a shopper willing to spend $100 will spend $130 or $150 and hold some features back for a slightly higher price point.

Rice Cookers Priced Between $100 and $150

Once the $100 price point is passed, more features become available in rice cookers. In this price range, digital controls with LCD displays become more common as well as automatic “keep warm” functions. At around $140, fuzzy logic rice cookers that automatically make adjustments during the cooking cycle can be had. Also getting closer to the $150 price tag, rice cookers can be found to have settings for specific types of rice and foods. These can include porridge, sushi, brown rice, sweet rice and others. The capacity if the rice cooker is often higher in this price range as well. The shopper can expect to find capacities between 1 – 5 liters.

Rice Cookers Priced Between $150 and $200

Although $200 may seem like a lot of money to invest in an appliance that is dedicated to one type of food, $200 is actually about mid-range for rice cookers designed for home use. In this price range the rice cookers should have fuzzy logic to prevent overcooking and burning. The controls will be digital and there should be a variety of settings to accommodate multiple types of rice.

Don’t expect to be able to cook everything in this rice cooker just because of the price. There will be no induction heating and a steamer basket is not guaranteed. However, it is likely that a detachable hinged lid will be found in this price range. People who eat rice multiple times in the week should consider a rice cooker in this price range a value for the household.