Tiger America JNP-1800 10 Cup Rice Cooker Review (JNP-1800)

by Amy Chang

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For people who are looking for an amazing rice cooker that is going to last practically a lifetime the Tiger America JNP-1800 10 cup Rice Cooker is the best choice around. Tiger rice cookers have made a name for themselves among people who eat rice on a daily basis, according to them there is no better rice cooker around. I was very hesitant to purchase one of these rice cookers because of the higher price tag, but I am really glad I did.

Not only is the Tiger rice cooker very well built, it also produces some of the best tasting rice around. I have been a rice eater for years and have always used rice cookers, but never realized just how good rice could taste until I tried rice out of one of these cookers. The Tiger 10 cup Rice Cooker is the perfect choice for me because of how much cooking I do on a daily basis, but also because of how easy it is to use. All I have to do is add the desired amount of rice and the correct amount of liquid and push down on the cook button; nothing can beat one button operation.


    • Nonstick Inner Pan The nonstick interior pan is great because it makes for easy clean up. There is nothing worse than stuck on rice, I have spent hours soaking pots without nonstick coating. Even better is the quality of this nonstick interior pan I have not once seen any sign of flaking or chipping, just make sure to always use plastic or wooden rice spatulas when serving rice. No Metal!


    • One Button Operation – The one button operation is wonderful, all I have to do is push down a button and the rice is cooking. I love how easy this rice cooker is to use, especially because I make rice at least once a day, sometimes I will make two pots of rice.


    • Keep Warm Function – The keep warm function is something that all good rice cookers will have, but not all of them will work the same. The keep warm function on the Tiger rice cooker is outstanding. As soon as the rice is done cooking, it switches over to the keep warm setting so the rice is kept at a safe serving temperature until I am ready to serve it. However, some rice cookers end up drying out the rice on this setting, this rice cooker does anything but that. The rice served from the cooker, even after several hours of being on this setting, tastes just as fresh as if it was just cooked and is never dry.


  • Retractable Cord – The retractable cord allows for easy storage. I hate having to wind up cords because they are always getting in the way. Having the retractable cord is nice because it cannot get tangled on anything and makes it easier to place the rice cooker inside a cabinet.


    • Price – The biggest drawback that people have with this rice cooker is how expensive it is, it is rather pricey for a simple push button rice cooker. This rice cooker does not come with a ton of extras; it can be used mainly to cook a variety of different types of rice. I was skeptical at first to because of the price tag, but the quality craftsmanship and how well the rice tastes makes the investment in it so worth it.


  • No Programming For Start Times – Majority of rice cookers today have a programmable timer that one can set to have the rice ready at a specific time. The Tiger does not have this timer, but too me that is not too big of a deal. This rice cooker is one of the fastest ones that I have ever owned, so the timer is not really needed because the rice is usually done when I need it to be or a few minutes faster.

The Tiger JNP-1800 is the biggest rice cooker in this series that Tiger makes. One of the best things about the JNP series is that all of the rice cookers have the same features; the only difference is there size. I choose the JNP-1800 over the Tiger JNP-0550 model because of the cup size, the JNP-0550 is a 3-cup model compared to the JNP-1800 10 cup model.

I went with the JNP-1800 because of its 10-cup size; I need it for how many people I often cook for. I love how fast this rice cooker cooks rice, but I also love how the rice tastes. The only thing that I think people need to watch out for when buying this rice cooker is to make sure they find one that is “Made in Japan,” the ones from China are not even close to being made with the same high quality craftsmanship.

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