Tiger America JNP-0550 3 cup Elec Rice Cooker Review

by Amy Chang

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The Tiger America  JNP-0550 3 cup Elec Rice Cooker is one of the best rice cookers around. Many people are leery about purchasing a Tiger brand rice cooker because of the steep price tag; I know I was one of them. What convinced me to make the purchase was how good the rice tastes, and I have been eating rice from rice cookers for years. I have had numerous friends who swear by these and I must say for those that eat rice everyday this is a sound investment.

One of the things that I love about this rice cooker is how easy it is to use and clean up. The Tiger JNP-0550 comes with a nonstick pan that makes cleanup a breeze, plus there is no spitting or dripping of that sticky liquid due to how tight the lid is sealed when cooking. The rice cooker is a basic rice cooker, no fancy extra features, all one has to do is push down the button to begin cooking, after adding rice and the right amount of liquid that is.


    • Easy To Use – The one touch operation is one of the best features of this rice cooker because it makes it so easy to use. To use the rice cooker all one has to do is measure out the desired amount of rice, add the appropriate amount of liquid, and then press the cook button. The rice cooker will cook the rice to perfection, without any help from you.


    • Fast Cooking Times – After using several rice cookers I am amazed at how fast this rice cooker cooks rice. I have never had one that works this fast, let alone one that produces such amazing results each and every time it is used. Many people think because it is a basic rice cooker without all the fancy extras it can cook faster, but I have had other basic rice cookers that take about twice as long to cook.


    • Keep Warm Setting – The keep warm setting is by far my favorite feature. With how fast this rice cooker is majority of the time it finishes cooking the rice before the rest of my dinner is ready. The keep warm setting keeps my rice at a safe and ideal serving temperature for up to several hours, no more cold rice. Even better is that as soon as the rice is done cooking it switches over to the keep warm setting.


  • Retractable Cord – One thing that drives me crazy is clutter and cords tend to add to the clutter because of how bulky they are. I love the retractable cord because it puts the cord out of sight, making my counter clutter free. However, the retractable cord also helps in storing the rice cooker inside a cabinet because it prevents the cord from getting tangled in other appliances.


    • High Price – The worst thing about this rice cooker is how expensive it is, especially for it being just a basic rice cooker. I had a hard time buying the rice cooker, but am very glad I did. One way to look at it is as an investment because of how long it will last due to its quality craftsmanship.


  • No Other Rice Settings – Although this rice cooker can be used to make any type of rice there is, no preprogrammed settings for the various rice types are available on this unit. Therefore, when making brown, jasmine, or something else it will be a trial and error period until mastered. I know it took me several tries to get my brown rice just right, but so worth it in the end.

One of the best things about the Tiger JNP-0550 is that it is similar to all of the other Tiger rice cookers in the JNP series. The Tiger JNP-0550 has all of the same outstanding features as the Tiger JNP-1800, such as the nonstick interior pan; keep warm setting, quality craftsmanship, and the ability to cook rice quickly. The only difference between the JNP-0550 and the JNP-1800 is the cup size, the JNP-1800 has a 10-cup size, and the JNP-0550 is only a 3 cup.

I decided to go with the JNP-0550 because it was a smaller sized rice cooker. The price difference between the two is not that much, but since I only cook for two the smaller size worked perfectly. Even with the heftier price tag I must say that I could not be happier with my purchase, just make sure the rice cooker is marked “Made in Japan,” so you get the higher quality cooker.

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