Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81 Review

by Amy Chang

The Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81 was made to replace the ME8 that is made by Miracle Exclusives. I for one find this rice cooker to be one of the more desirable ones on the market. Sure, it doesn’t have as many fancy features as other rice cookers now a days, but to me that is great. When it comes to a rice cooker all that I need is something that is going to cook my rice perfectly each time.

Before I bought my first rice cooker years ago I used to cook all my rice on the stovetop, which isn’t bad, but rice cookers are so much easier. Cooking the rice on a stovetop was time consuming because I had to constantly watch the rice to ensure it didn’t scorch. With the rice cooker, I simply add the right amount of rice and water and press the cook button and off it goes. While the rice is cooking, I can get other things done for dinner or even do a few chores before getting dinner going.


  • Stainless Steel Pot – One thing that I really like with this rice cooker is the stainless steel pot that the rice is cooked in. I no longer have to worry about what else is being leached into my rice while I am cooking it. Nor do I have to worry about the nonstick coating peeling off.

  • Glass Lid – Many of the older rice cookers come with a glass lid, so finding it on a newer one is pure joy for me. With the glass lid, I can check on the progress of my rice to ensure everything is cooking fine. Plus the vent in the top prevents too much steam from building up inside the rice cooker.

  • Vegetable Steamer Tray – This rice cooker can also be used as a vegetable steamer, but you must use the tray that comes with the rice cooker. To steam vegetables simply place the right amount of water into the stainless steel pot, place the vegetables into the steamer tray, and set inside the rice cooker. How long the vegetables steam will depend on how much water is put into the rice cooker.

  • Keep Warm Setting – Once the rice is done cooking the rice cooker will automatically switch over to a keep warm setting. The warm setting is perfect for ensuring that the rice is the correct temperature when serving. Many times my rice is done before everything else, so it is nice to know that I can keep it hot until it is ready to serve. {Plus it stays hot until I unplug the appliance, which means anybody who wants seconds can still have hot rice rather than cold rice.



  • Sticky Water Spews Out Of Lid – The biggest problem that I have with this rice cooker is that the water being used to cook the rice spews out of the hole in the lid. This is irritating because of how sticky this water is, and it gets everything it touches sticky. The best way to prevent this water from spewing out the lid is to put the steamer tray inside the rice cooker while cooking rice.

The Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81 is the perfect rice cooker for single people to large families. It will cook anywhere from one cup of rice to eight cups of rice and each time the rice will turn out perfectly. The indicator lights make it easy to see what is going on and the various cooking modes ensures everything is cooked to perfection.

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