Sanyo ECJ-N55F 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker Review

by Amy Chang

The Sanyo ECJ-N55F 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker is the perfect choice for singles, couples, or small families that enjoy great rice. One of the best things about this rice cooker is how easy it is to use, none of those complicated digital control pads to worry about. This rice cooker involves two buttons, one slides sideways and the other is simply pressed down. The sideways moving button is used to determine what is being cooked, choose porridge/Soup or Cook based on what is being cooked. The cook option is for rice, while everything else is cooked with the porridge soup button. Once the option has been selected push down on the power button and wait for the rice cooker to finish.

Not only is the rice cooker easy to use for a variety of purposes it also comes with a special lid and steaming tray. The lid is designed to be used with [porridge and soups to prevent any excess from boiling over, while the steaming tray is used to steam vegetables. The carrying handle allows users to carry the rice cooker to the table without fear of being burned. The measuring cup and non-stick spatula that come included with the rice cooker help cook and serve perfect rice without a huge mess.


    • Keep Warm Function – The keep warm function is great because it is not something that I have to remember to set. As soon as the rice cooker is done cooking, it will switch over to the keep warm setting. This setting keeps food at a safe serving temperature for several hours. Even better is the food has a chance to cool down a bit before serving without getting too cold.


    • Multiple Functions – This appliance can cook any type of rice available; just make sure you use the right measurements. The machine also does great at reheating soups, can make porridges and soups, as well as steam vegetables, as long as the steam tray included is used.


    • Special Lid –Comes with a special lid for when soup or porridges are being made, they tend to boil over and cause a huge mess. This lid prevents the food from boiling over, but it has to be put on before cooking.


  • Easy To Clean – The steam vent and dew collector twists apart for easy clean, make sure to clean this area because of the sticky rice water that collects. The inner pot is non-stick so it is easy to wipe clean, I have never once had to scrub it I simply use hot, soapy water, and a sponge to keep it clean. The inner lid is also easy enough to clean, simply wipe down.


    • Non-Retractable Cord – One thing that I miss not having is the retractable cord because it made storage so easy. I am not one to leave the cord plugged in when the appliance is not in use, so for me the cord hanging out gets in the way. What I have done is fold it up and secured it with a rubber band so it is not so long, I just left enough distance for it to reach the plug I use.


  • Instructions Can Use More Recipes – One thing that I noticed is the instructions do not include very many recipes for a variety of items. I would have liked to see more recipes included in the instruction book for the various things you can make with the rice cooker. However, this is easily solved by purchasing a rice cooker type cookbook.

In looking at the design of this rice cooker, the cute yellow flowers on the outside, I am strongly reminded of the Aroma ARC-1266F rice cooker. The reason why is both have the cute little flower designs, which remind me of my grandmother. Both of these rice cookers are easy to use, they both require the push of a button and both have the keep warm feature. The biggest difference besides the brand name is that the Sanyo ECJ-N55F is a 5 cup, while the Aroma ARC-1266F is a 6 cup.

Another difference between the two is the price; the Aroma is a bit cheaper than the Sanyo. Even with the higher price tag and the smaller cooking capacity, I decided on the Sanyo because I love Sanyo products. I feel like they are high quality products and they are designed to last a long time. With the features and peace of mind this rice cooker gives me, I feel that the price is a very reasonable asking price.

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