Sanyo ECJ-M100S Micro-Computerized 10-Cup Rice Cooker Review

by Amy Chang

For those who are looking for a rice cooker that can do more than just cook basic white rice the Sanyo ECJ-M100S Micro-Computerized 10-Cup Rice Cooker is the perfect choice. After using this rice cooker for years I have found that it really does deliver perfectly cooked rice every time you use it. I don’t even get the layer of crusty brown rice along the bottom that so many others complain about with their rice cookers, thanks to the fact that this Sanyo uses Fuzzy Logic Technology.

Something else that really caught my attention in terms of the rice cooker is the stainless steel exterior; it fits in perfectly with my newly updated kitchen, but will fit in with just about any kitchen because of how nice the wrap looks with the black accents. The unit itself measures 11 x 10 1/2 x 11 inches, so while it is big it does not take up a lot of counter space. The unit comes equipped with a carrying handle, which allows hot food to be carried directly to the table, but even better is the tight jar style lid that prevents the lid form popping off while it is being carried. Included with the rice cooker are some much needed accessories, including a spatula and spatula holder, measuring cup, and detailed instruction manual.


    • Fuzzy Logic Technology – For me this is probably one of the best things about the unit. I love the Fuzzy Logic Technology because it enables the rice cooker to produce perfectly cooked rice every time. This technology automatically adjusts the temperature to compensate for any differences while the rice is cooking. The only drawback is that it can take longer to cook a pot of rice, but the taste of the rice is worth it.


    • Programmable LCD Display – Another great feature this rice cooker has is a 15-hour programmable timer. The timer cannot be set based on the time though, users have to count ahead the number of hours they want the rice to be ready instead. Despite this fact I love this feature because it allows me to throw the rice in the cooker in the morning and have hot rice ready and waiting for me after I get off work.


    • Keep Warm Mode – Once the rice has finished cooking it automatically switches over to a keep warm mode to ensure that the rice is the perfect serving temperature. The best part about the keep warm mode is that the rice stops cooking, so even when using it for hours the rice is not overcooked.


  • Variety Of Menu Options – While this rice cooker is perfect for cooking basic white rice, it also cooks any other rice you can think of. I have personally used this rice cooker to cook brown rice and sushi rice and they have both turned out perfectly each time. The cooker also comes with a steam function, slow cook cycle, and a bread baking cycle making it even more versatile than most rice cookers.


    • No Alert When Rice Is Done – One thing that this rice cooker could have is some kind of alert to let you know that the rice is done cooking. Having this alert would allow me the choice of turning off the rice cooker as soon as it is done cooking or letting it stay in the keep warm mode.


  • Plastic Steamer Basket – Another issue with this rice cooker is where the plastic steamer basket sits. Where it currently sits with this model I cannot steam vegetables and cook rice at the same time like other models, this prevents me from doing two things at once with the rice cooker.

In reviewing this rice cooker I couldn’t help but notice how similar it is to the Sanyo ECJ-F50S. One thing that I like about them both is that they each have a programmable timer and they both use the fuzzy logic technology to produce perfectly cooked rice. The biggest difference between these two rice cookers is the size. The ECJ-M100S can handle up to 10 cups uncooked rice, producing 20 cups of cooked rice, while the ECJ-F50S can only handle up to 5 cups uncooked rice, so it produces 10 cups of cooked rice. Another difference is the timer; the ECJ-F50S has a 24 hour one, while the ECJ-M100S has a 15 hour one.

One of the deciding factors for me was the size, although the longer timer is nice, I preferred the rice cooker that could handle more rice. I use my rice cooker for everyday use, but also use it when entertaining large groups. Being able to cook a large batch of rice for fried rice or sushi is great, saves me from having to do two batches. Not to mention the 2 mm thick non-stick inner pot is easy to clean, and the removable steam vent and dew collector simply aids in producing perfect rice.

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