Sanyo ECJ-HC100S 10-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker And Slow Cooker Review

by Amy Chang

The Sanyo ECJ-HC100S 10-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker is one of the most versatile appliances I have ever seen. This appliance not only cooks rice, but can also boil eggs and make tofu, along with steaming veggies. The rice cooker cooks perfect rice every time, and the slow cooker option allows for amazing soups and stews. In fact, I love this appliance so much I have used it to replace my old slow cooker and am thinking about getting the smaller version, the 5.5-cup cooker, for cooking rice and using this one as my new slow cooker.

One of the best features with this rice cooker/slow cooker is it specially designed lid, which prevents things from boiling over and causing a mess. One problem that other versatile rice cooker shave is they use the same pot for cooking rice that they do for making soups and stews. This can cause a problem because it allows the flavors to intermix, meaning the rice might not taste right the next time it is made. This appliance comes with two lids and pots, so that problem is never an issue.


    • Comes with accessories – This rice cooker comes with a few more accessories than other rice cookers. Like majority of rice cookers, it comes with a spatula and measuring cup, which the spatula prevents the pot from becoming scratched and the measuring cup gives you the perfect amount of uncooked rice each time. This appliance also comes with an instructional book that is translated into a variety of languages, as well as a steaming tray for vegetables or other foods, and a container that allows users to make homemade tofu.


    • Micro-Computer Chip Technology – This technology is very similar to fuzzy logic technology. The micro-computer chip located inside the rice cooker can determine the cooking time of the food based on the menu button selected, as well as how heavy the pot is. The technology also adjusts the cooking time and temperature based on the menu button picked to ensure perfect cooking.


    • Extra Thick Bottom – This appliance has an extra thick titanium coated bottom, 3 mm, which is designed to provide even cooking. With the thicker bottom, the heat is more evenly distributed, so there is no worry about cold spots or even undercooked areas.


    • Keep Warm Setting – The keep warm setting is great because as soon as the rice or food is done cooking the machine flips over to the keep warm setting to keep the food at a safe serving temperature.


  • Two Pots/Lids – The appliance comes with two pots and lids that are designed for two purposes. One pot and lid is used strictly for cooking rice, while the other one is designed for everything else. Switching the pots and lids is rather simple; just make sure to read the instructions beforehand.


    • Bulky Appearance – One thing that bugs me is how bulky the rice cooker is. It takes up a lot of room on my countertop; it is rather a distracting piece. However, I leave it on my counter because it takes up less room there than in my cupboards, plus I use it every day.


  • Makes A Sticky Mess – One problem is that they water from the rice is sticky and tends to drip down the sides. This causes a sticky mess that must be cleaned up. It is easy to clean up a washcloth with warm water does the trick, just a pain to have to clean up each time I cook rice.

I cannot help but compare this rice cooker to the Sanyo ECJ-M100S because of how similar they both are. Both of these appliances can handle up to 10 cups of uncooked rice, and they both can be used as a slow cooker steamer. However, I choose the ECJ-HC100S because it comes with the two pots and lids that are each designed for a specific purpose, plus the 24-hour programmable timer. Not to mention this machine comes with a container to make homemade tofu, whereas the ECJ-M100S does not. Both of these rice cookers are available at a reasonable price, but I feel I get more for my money with the ECJ-HC100S.

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