Panasonic Rice Cooker Reviews – A Buyer’s Guide

Panasonic Rice Cooker ReviewsCooking rice properly is an art. Overcooking leads to a mushy blob, while under-cooking leaves you with crunchy, hard rice. A Panasonic rice cooker is the answer. The best panasonic rice cooker will allow you to make perfectly cooked, fluffy rice while also steaming vegetables and other foods simultaneously. The trusted brand offers a range of rice cooker models to suit anyone’s needs.

The Panasonic brand name was created in 1955 and serves as the international brand name for a range of Japanese electric products for the Panasonic Corporation. While Panasonic Corporation, formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, was initially used as a brand name for audio speakers, the company now creates a multitude of products, ranging from televisions to rice cookers.

Each Panasonic rice maker features a cool touch body and carrying handle. There is no threat of burning your hands and rice can be served immediately after cooking. The clear steaming basket allows the user to monitor progress, while having the capability to steam vegetables and other foods at the same time as cooking rice. Clean-up is simple thanks to the non-stick coated inner-pan. Users can simply wipe the inner-pan clean. An automatic rewinding cord nestles into the rice cooker avoiding tangles and saving space. A helpful warming function keeps rice warm and moist until it is ready to serve. Ranging from three-cup to 10-cup models, with cup capacity being based on dry, uncooked rice, it’s easy to find the appropriate capacity for your kitchen.

Simple models, such as the SR-TE15NVO, are available for the occasional cook and models, such as the SR-MS182, offer high-tech capabilities. Perhaps, the most advanced feature on several of the models is the Fuzzy Logic technology. Each Panasonic Fuzzy Logic rice cooker monitors how the rice is cooking. Then if needed, it makes adjustments in cooking time and temperature. If too much water is added, for example, Fuzzy Logic technology will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the rice still comes out perfect.

Panasonic rice cooker reviews rave about the Panasonic SR-MS102, a Panasonic 5 cup rice cooker. The top rated of Panasonic rice cookers, this state-of-the-art appliance offers Fuzzy Logic technology, the warming function, a cool touch body, clear steaming basket, and the other standard qualities. However, settings include white, brown, sticky (sushi), quick cook, steam, slow cook and cake. The steaming, slow cooking, and baking settings give this rice cooker a step-up over competition. From cakes to poultry, the Panasonic SR-MS102 is a one-stop shop for dinner and dessert.

Another popular Panasonic rice steamer model is the Panasonic SR-MS182. This Panasonic 10 cup rice cooker offers similar features to the SR-MS102 including Fuzzy Logic technology when cooking different types of rice. The SR-MS182 comes with a measuring cup, steaming tray, rice paddle, and detachable cord. While simpler in design and boasting less features than the SR-MS102, this top-rated rice cooker is perfect for everyday use and results in high quality rice, vegetables and meals at a reasonable price.

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