Panasonic SRG06FG 3.3-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker Review

by Amy Chang

The Panasonic SRG06FG 3.3-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker is one of the most basic models around, it really is designed to be used with nothing but rice. For me how basic it is was the biggest selling point, I did not want something that could wine and dine me as well as cook my rice. Because of how basic it is this rice cooker is also one of the easiest ones to use, there really is not much to it. To use the rice cooker, use the measuring scoop that is provided to measure out the amount of rice you want, rinse the rice a few times, place rice into non-stick rice pot, fill water to the appropriate mark, put the glass lid in place, and press down on the cook button. Once the rice cooker is done the button will pop back up and the rice cooker will go into its keep warm mode.


    • Glass Lid – The glass lid fits perfectly on the top of the rice cooker to help cut down on any spills or leaks. The glass lid is also nice because I can look inside the rice cooker to see how my rice is doing at any time during the cooking process. The lid does get dirty and will require scrubbing, but hot, soapy water and a brush are more than enough to do the trick.


    • Keep Warm Function – The keep warm function works great with all rice cookers, in fact it is a must have to prevent serving cold rice. Once the rice cooker has stopped cooking, which is when the rice is done; it switches to the keep warm setting. This keeps the rice at a safe temperature for several hours, and if the meat or vegetables are not quite done, I do not have to worry about serving a cold side dish it will stay warm.


    • Non-Stick Pan – The nonstick interior pan makes clean up a breeze, just watch out for chipping. If chipping or peeling occurs, you will want to purchase a new rice cooker since they do not sell replacement pans. With the non-stick interior, these pans really just wipe clean, swirl some hot, soapy water with a sponge along the insides and it is clean. No hard scrubbing is ever required.


  • Cooks More Than Just Rice – While this rice cooker is not a steamer or slow cooker like other rice cookers I have found it can be used to cook more than just rice. I have used this machine to cook beans, simply add one package of beans and fill up to the number 2 line with water, and turn it on.


    • Spits Water – Even if the glass lid remains in place while cooking the rice cooker still spits out water and rice liquid. This can make a huge mess, but luckily, it is easy enough to clean up. The liquid tends to be sticky so I have found a warm, soapy washcloth to work best.


  • No Replacement Parts –Some rice cookers sell replacement parts, which means no buying a new rice cooker when the pan gets old. However, with how affordable this rice cooker is not having any replacement parts available is not that big of a deal. The rice cooker is probably a bit cheaper than a replacement pan anyway.

The Panasonic SRG06FG is very similar to the Panasonic 10 cup Rice Cooker. Both rice cookers are very easy to use, simply push down a button, they both have a keep warm function, and they both come with glass lids allowing the food to be seen while cooking. The biggest difference between the two is the size. The Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker can handle up to 10 cups of uncooked rice, while the 3.3 can only handle 3 cups of uncooked rice. The other difference between the two is the Panasonic 10 Cup comes with a steamer tray to steam vegetables.

With how small my family is, I really did not see the point in purchasing the bigger rice cooker. The SRG06FG is the perfect choice for my family, it is a basic rice cooker that is simple to use. Even better is how affordable the rice cooker is, sure I could spend a few dollars more for a product with a few fancy extras but why waste the money when this one has everything that I need.

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