Panasonic SR-DE103 Rice Cooker Review

by Amy Chang

The Panasonic SR-DE103 Rice Cooker with a 5-Cup Uncooked/10 Cup Cooked Rice Capacity is one of the most versatile rice cookers that I have ever seen. This unit uses fuzzy logic technology to deliver perfectly cooked rice, but can also double as a slow cooker and an oven. The rice cooker comes with a cake setting that allows users to bake a cake inside the rice cooker. The keep warm mode is something that is found on all of the outstanding rice cookers because it allows your rice to at a safe serving temperature for up to 12 hours. This unit also comes with its own measuring cup, so users know just how much rice to put in, plus a nonstick rice spatula that will not ruin the nonstick inner pan, and a steamer basket that can be used to perfectly steam the best vegetables.


  • Push Button Lid – I love the push button lid because it makes it so easy to open up the rice cooker if my hands are full. Usually when serving rice I have my hands full, plate in one hand and rice spatula in the other. Having to lift off the lid and set it on the counter is crazy. For one it places hot water n the counter, but also allows more heat to escape from the rice cooker. The push button lid is a great design; never do I have to set the lid on the counter.


  • Fuzzy Logic Technology – The fuzzy logic technology is the reason why the rice comes out perfectly cooked each and every time. This technology is constantly adjusting the cooking temperature based on the option selected and how much liquid is added to the rice cooker. Adjusting the temperature up and down allows for perfectly cooked rice or food without burning or undercooking, but can take up to 15 minutes longer to cook.


  • Detachable Cord – The cord comes off the unit itself for easy storage, but also makes it easier when serving rice directly out of the rice cooker. With the detachable cord, there is no longer any worry about the cord getting in the way, and it takes up less space in the cupboard or on the counter.


  • Pre-Program Control Panel – The control panel comes with 8 different cooking options, all users have to do is select the one that is required and the machine does all the rest.


  • Preset Timer – this feature only works for the rice, but allows users to delay when the rice starts cooking. Users have to set it based on a specific number of hours based on a 24-hour cycle.


  • Instructions Hard to Understand – One thing that I find frustrating is that the instructions are hard to understand. English is included in the instructions, but it is mixed in with everything else so it is being read in bits and pieces. Although one does not really need the instructions, it is nice to have on hand just in case.


  • 3 Hour Slow Cook Time – The slow cooker feature with this rice cooker only cooks for a period of 3 hours, so if you plant to use it to cook soup or stew it must be done within that 3-hour time frame. For most people this is not long enough to make a slow cooked meal. For me it is no problem as I have a separate slow cooker at home.

When looking at the Panasonic SR-DE103 I could not help but notice how similar it is to the Panasonic SR-MS103, SR-MS183, and the SR-DG182. However, the SR-DE103 and SR-MS103 are about as close as rice cookers can get, they only have three minor differences. Both of these rice cookers can handle up to 5 cups of uncooked rice, while the other two can handle up to 10 cups of uncooked rice. All four of these rice cookers offer a slow cook option, but the SR-DE103 and the SR-DG182 only offer up to 3 hours of time, while the other two offer up to 12 hours of cook time.

The only other difference between these four rice cookers is the inner cooking pan and what accessories they come with. The SR-DE103 comes with a black nonstick coated aluminum and the SR-DG182 comes the same thing but in gray. The SR-MS103 and the SR-MS183 come with a black bottom dimpled “Binchotan” coated pan. The SR-DG182 is the only one that does not come with a steam basket, but it also allows users to choose finish times in specific hour increments rather than just somewhere in a 24-hour period.

In looking at all these differences, I have to say that I am perfectly happy with the SR-DE103; it has the perfect cook size for my family. Plus I get all of the same amazing features as the other rice cookers for a reasonable price. I very rarely use the rice cooker as a slow cooker, as I have a separate slow cooker so only having a 3 hour cook time isn’t that big of a problem.

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