Aroma ARC-1266F 6-Cup Cooker Steamer Review

by Amy Chang

The Aroma ARC-1266F 6-Cup Cooker Steamer is the perfect choice for most families. This rice cooker can cook anywhere from 2 to 6 cups of uncooked rice, which produces 4 to 12 cups of cooked rice the perfect amount for any family. Even better is how easy this rice cooker is to use, unlike some of the more expensive ones this one simply requires the push of a button.

To make the rice cooker even more attractive it can be used for a variety of purposes, no longer does a rice cooker simply cook rice. This appliance also steams meat and vegetables to perfection, it also is perfect for making a hot pot of soup or a nice stew on a cold winter day. The keep warm feature is also a nice touch, as it allows me to keep the rice, vegetables, or whatever else is inside the rice cooker warm until I am ready to serve it, no more cold dinners or worrying about cold side dishes because things are not done on time. The cool touch exterior allows me to move the rice cooker while it is cooking or as soon as it is done without having to worry about burns. Each rice cooker comes with its own serving spatula, measuring cup, and steam tray.


    • Steams Simultaneously – One of the great things about this rice cooker is that I can cook perfect rice while steaming vegetables or meat at the same time. This allows me to cook healthy meals at the touch of a button. It also helps minimize the number of pans I am using while cooking, I can cook rice and vegetables in the same pan and cook the meat in another. Even better is that the vegetables add a unique flavor to the rice, making it far tastier than normal.


    • Easy To Clean – One of the worst things about cooking rice is how hard it can be to clean up, it sticks to everything. This rice cooker comes with a nonstick interior pan that makes cleaning up rice a breeze, even if it has cooked too long. Even better is the pan comes out of the rice cooker for easy washing.


    • Water Reservoir – I really like the water reservoir that this rice cooker comes with because it helps rid the rice of any excess water, including condensation. With the reservoir pulling away all of this excess water the rice is never water logged, it comes out perfectly every time.


    • One Touch Operation – The rice cooker is super easy to use, all I have to do is push down the button and it starts cooking.


  • Keep Warm Setting – Once the rice cooker is done cooking whatever food is inside it automatically switches over to a keep warm setting. The best part about the keep warm setting is it can stay on for hours and will not continue cooking the ingredients inside.


    • Automatically Goes Into Cook Mode – One of the biggest drawbacks to this rice cooker is that as soon as you plug it in it goes into cook mode, even before you press down teh4 cook button to instruct it to cook. This is irritating because it makes it easier to forget to push down the button to start cooking, especially if you simply glance at the lights.


  • Cooking Directions Are Off – Like many other rice cookers available this one comes with a manual that includes cooking directions. I have found that the cooking directions are pretty off; if I follow them I do not get the perfect rice I am searching for. After playing around with the amount of liquid per cup of uncooked rice once or twice it is easy to determine just how much liquid is needed.

When looking at this rice cooker I could not help but notice how similar it was to the Aroma ARC-838T. Both of these rice cookers have many of the same useful features, such as being easy to use and nonstick inner pans. However, it is the differences that allow the ARC—1266F to stand out from the ARC-838TC. One of the biggest differences is the size of the rice cooker; the ARC-1266F is a 6-cup rice cooker, while the ARC-838T is an 8-cup appliance. The other difference is the digital controls located on the ARC-838T, which allows me to set a timer to alert the machine when to start cooking. The ARC-1266F does not have digital controls, nor does it come with a programmable timer.

Even though the ARC-838T is a bigger rice cooker I still prefer the ARC-1266F. I am not very big on the design, the roses to me are just a little too cheesy, but with all of the features that it comes with the price cannot be beat. This rice cooker is the perfect choice for those who are looking for something that will provide them with consistent results over time.

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