Aroma ARC-1000 Professional Series 10-Cup Sensor Logic Rice Cooker Review

by Amy Chang

For those people who are looking for a versatile rice cooker the Aroma ARC-1000 Professional Series 10-Cup Sensor Logic Rice Cooker is the perfect choice. I bought this rice cooker awhile ago and I am so happy I did. This rice cooker does so much more than cook rice, it can also steam vegetables and meat, as well as make stews and soups and many one-dish meals.

One of the best things about this rice cooker is how easy it is to use and clean up. The nonstick inner pot comes out so it can quickly be washed by hand, while the nonstick ensures that no rice sticks. I must say cleaning this has been a lot easier than the pans I had to clean when cooking rice on the stove. In order to use the rice cooker all I have to do is measure out the amount of rice I want, place the required amount of liquid into the rice cooker, and press the cook button and I am done. Making other food in it is just as easy, place in the ingredients and press down the cook button and you are done. The rice cooker also comes with its own measuring cup, rice spatula, soup ladle, and steaming tray.


    • Sensor Logic Technology – The rice cooker uses something called sensor logic technology to produce the best tasting rice I have ever had. I have always been a fan of eating rice from a rice cooker, but this rice tastes so much better than other rice cookers. The brown rice made from this machine is light and fluffy not chewy or crunchy. How this works is the sensor logic technology is constantly adjusting the temperature to ensure the rice is perfectly cooked.


    • Water Reservoir – One problem that many rice cookers have is no place for the excess condensation to go, it tends to drip back into the rice making it mushy in spots. The water reservoir on this machine collects any excess moisture, including the condensation that builds up under the lid. The reservoir is designed to draw the water away from the rice, so it will not be mushy.


    • Cook Several Things – This rice cooker not only cooks a variety of rice types, but it can be used to cook several other items. I have used this appliance to create some of the best soups and stews I have ever tasted. The best part is inside the instruction book there are several recipes for soups and stews, as well as many fast dinners that require all ingredients to be added to the rice cooker at once. I can also cook rice and steam vegetables at the same time.


  • Inside Markings – Knowing how much water to add is simple with this rice cooker because of the marking located on the inside nonstick cooking pot. What number I fill the water up to will depend on how much rice I am cooking. One thing to remember is to always use the measuring scoop included with the rice cooker when measuring your rice, otherwise the liquid might be too much or too little, and that will cause a disaster.


    • Longer Cook Time – The only drawback to this rice cooker is the longer cooking time. It takes quite a bit longer than cooking rice on the stove or even in other rice cookers, but that is due to the Sensor Logic Technology. The longer cook time to me is worth the wait; just make sure to plan ahead.


  • Burnt Rice On Bottom – Something else that I noticed with this rice cooker is that if it is left on the keep warm setting for too long the rice will crust along the bottom of the pan, so it does not taste as good. What I have found is to unplug the rice cooker as soon as dinner is ready. The rice cooker is so well insulated that the rice will stay warm enough during dinner.

The Aroma ARC-1000 is very similar to the Aroma ARC-998, but the differences are what causes the ARC-1000 to stand out. One of the biggest differences between the two is the size; the ARC-1000 can handle up to 10 cups of uncooked rice, while the ARC-998 only does 8. Another big difference is the 15-hour timer delay with the ARC-1000. The timer delay allows me to choose what time I want my rice to be finished cooking or even my meal, so that it is ready when I walk in the door after a long hard day. The ARC-998 does not have the timer delay, but they both have the ability to cook a variety of foods.

The Aroma ARC-1000 was the perfect choice for me in terms of rice cookers because of the nice features that it has. With how reasonably priced both the ARC-1000 and the ARC-998 were the deciding factor for me was the bigger size, I tend to cook for large groups quite often, but also the 15- hour timer delay. The extra accessories and recipes included in the instruction manual are just an added touch.

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