Aroma 3 Quart 4-20 Cups Rice Cooker & Food Steamer With Sensor Logic Technology Review

by Amy Chang

The Aroma 3 Quart 4-20 Cups Rice Cooker & Food Steamer With Sensor Logic Technology is the perfect rice cooker for the family that is on the go. Our family is always on the go, so most of the time it is hard to have healthy meals, mainly due to how long it takes to cook them. This rice cooker was the answer to all of our problems because it not only works as a rice cooker but also as a slow cooker.

One of the great things about this rice cooker is whether I am using it to cook rice or using it as a slow cooker it is simple to use. To use this appliance all I have to do is follow three basic steps, add the ingredients, add the liquid, and push the cook button. The Sensor Logic Technology delivers perfect results every time. The instruction book that comes with the rice cooker is a useful tool in mastering all of the various settings, but this appliance also comes with its own recipe book. I love how much time this rice cooker saves me, especially in the morning because I can set everything up the night before to make a nice pot of steel oats.


    • Smart Steam Setting – The Smart Steam setting is perhaps the best setting for me, aside from the white rice setting it is also the most used. The Smart Steam setting allows me to perfectly steam any vegetables or main dishes, cooking each item to perfection. This setting works in conjunction with the sensor logic technology to only steam the food until it is done based on the weight of liquid that is inside the steamer.


    • Delay Timer – The 15-Hour delay timer allows me to choose when I want the food to be ready. However, using this setting is not as simple as setting a clock to start the rice cooker at a specific time, I have to count out the number of hours and base the timer off that. Regardless, being able to use the delay timer to allow the rice cooker to start cooking in a specified number of hours is perfect because I can have my food ready for me when I get up or get home.


    • Cooks A Variety Of Foods – This rice cooker not only cooks all types of rice, it even has a quick rice setting, but also cooks one pot meals and steams vegetables. The best part is the rice cooker can do more than one thing at a time. For example, I can cook rice and steam vegetables or meat, but I cannot use the rice cooker to cook rice and make stew.


  • Sensor Logic Technology – The Sensor Logic Technology is what allows the rice or other food to be cooked to perfection. This technology is constantly adjusting the cooking temperature inside the rice cooker to ensure that everything is perfectly cooked. I must say that this technology is great because I have yet to have any food over or undercooked.


    • Cord Does Not Retract – I personally prefer retractable cords, so this is a thing that bugs me. The cord tends to get in the way when I carry the rice cooker to the table, but it also clutters up my counters. To help solve this issue I have secured the cord with a rubber band so it is shorter than it was; just short enough to reach the plug with where I have it placed on the counter.


  • Puts Out Steam – This rice cooker puts out a lot of steam, so much that I do not leave it under my cabinets. I have a feeling that if it were left under a cabinet that the amount of steam that it puts out would warp and damage the cabinets.


One thing that I happened to notice is how similar the Aroma 3 Quart or 4-20 Cups Rice Cooker is quite similar to the Aroma ARC-1000. I really love how both of these rice cookers look, both have a white body and a digital display. The other similarity is that they both cook up to 10 cups of uncooked rice, which makes 20 cups of cooked rice. They also both use Sensor Logic Technology to cook perfect rice. The biggest difference between these two rice cookers is that the ARC-1000 cannot double as a slow cooker, although it will make one-pot meals. The Aroma 3 Quart actually turns into a 3-Quart slow cooker so I can make roasts in addition to any soups and stews.

The Aroma 3 Quart or 4-20 Cup Rice cooker can handle a minimum of 2 cups uncooked rice with a maximum of 10 cups uncooked rice, making it perfect for small families or large groups. The digital display also shows a countdown of how much time is left until the rice is done, which very few rice cookers do. However, the main reason why I choose this rice cooker over all of the others is because it is available with all of these extras for such a reasonable price. I really do not think I could find a better deal anywhere else.

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