About this Website

by Amy Chang

best rice cooker ratings welcomeHello! My name is Amy Chang. This website was started in March 2011 as a part-time hobby and also because I wanted share authentic rice cooker reviews that help folks choose the best rice cooker for their specific needs. Choosing the right rice cooker can be challenging and since most of us have a budget to follow, its best to make an informed decision after learning more about the different types of rice cookers out there.

Being Asian, I grew up eating a LOT of rice. At least two out of three meals everyday featured a rice dish. Sometimes even for breakfast, we would have congee (watery, boiled down rice) with salted vegetables and meat. Lunch and dinner all used rice as a base to complement the wide varieties of Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes my Mom would cook up (yes, I got my cooking gene from her!). I even remember bringing along a simple Sanyo rice cooker when I moved into my college dorm. Good times.

I’m intimately familiar with rice and over the years, have become particularly picky about how rice is cooked. I blame this on the very first day that I bought one of them high-tech micro-computerized digital rice cookers. While I loved to cook rice from a stove (very useful when you have lots of people to feed), I also liked the convenience of rice cookers (just hit a button and walk away). As I bought rice cooker after rice cooker, I slowly upgraded towards the top of the line rice cookers with the latest technology.And the results were amazing.

While I firmly believe that you can cook great rice with most rice cookers, some rice cookers are just better at doing the same thing. And its not just because they are more expensive (and so may ‘appear’ to be better). You can cook high quality rice using a $40 rice cooker or a $280 rice cooker but if you’re really picky (like me) you’ll be able to appreciate the massive convenience and features that higher end rice cookers offer.

But enough rambling for now. If you’re new to rice cookers, a good place to start is my website’s frontpage, where there is an introduction to rice cookers in general along with a detailed buyers guide on choosing the perfect rice cooker amongst the endless array of rice cooker models out there.

If you are interested in a specific brand, please check out the overall brand reviews and recommendations on the right sidebar. You can also look at rice cookers sorted by cup capacity as well. It’s all there on the right side of the page.

Once again, thanks for checking out my website and I hope you find what I’ve written useful!