6 Cup Rice Cookers – Which Should You Buy?

6 cup rice cookerRice cookers are kitchen appliances that are dedicated to cooking rice. They come in a variety of sizes, brands, and colors, and some even include accessories such as steamers. The perfect size for a small to medium family is the 6 cup rice cooker. This size rice cooker makes up to 6 cups of rice, enough for a large 1 cup portion of rice for 6 people, or smaller sides for up to 12 individuals. To use the rice cooker, rice is added to the bowl of the cooker along with the appropriate amount of water, the power button is turned on, and the cooker turns itself to warm when sensors indicate that the water has all been absorbed.

There are several different brands on the market that sell 6 cup rice cookers, but they are not all created equal. The top of the line maker for rice cookers is Zojirushi, and their rice cookers are known to be excellent products made to withstand daily rice cooking. The Zojirushi 6 cup rice cooker is more expensive than other brands, but the reputation of the company and customer satisfaction ratings make this rice cooker an excellent choice. Be aware that the instructions on the Zojirushi model may not be as clear as desired, and the water to rice ratio may not be exactly right if using anything other than white rice.

For those not ready to invest in a Zojirushi, the Aroma Cool-Touch 6 cup rice cooker is the least expensive on the market and may be a good starter model. A common complaint with this model is that it splatters all over the counter. However, this is not necessarily a problem unique to Aroma. Most rice cookers have a small vent hole in the lid to allow steam to escape during cooking, and this sometimes bubbles and spews starchy water onto the closest countertops.

This appears to be especially true when cooking rice at full capacity (3 cups of uncooked rice in a 6 cup cooker is full capacity, as it will produce 6 cups of cooked rice). To avoid the splattering, use less rice than capacity, or rinse the rice well before adding it to the cooker, which will help cut down on the starchy splattering. A lightweight towel over the top of the rice cooker will also stop the splattering without disallowing the venting necessary.

The Oster 6 cup rice cooker is also a good choice. One potential issue with this model is that rice tends to burn and stick to the bottom, so it needs to be stirred after about 15 minutes of cooking. This can be quick and easy, but for those who want to turn it on and leave it alone, this model may require a little more work than others.

This same issue is true of the Rival 6 cup rice cooker. In addition to requiring stirring of the rice, this model may not last as long as others, and an ill-fitting lid may make clean-up more intensive. However, this model is fairly small and lightweight, making it a great choice when counter space is limited. Like the Aroma and Oster models, this model would be a good choice for individuals just starting out with rice cookers, who want to try one out before investing in a Zojirushi.

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