4 Cup Rice Cookers – Recommendations and Buyers Guide

4 cup rice cookerThere are many reasons to buy 4 cup rice cookers. First, they use less electricity than larger models and are therefore more economical. Less rice is used in each cooking, so there are fewer leftovers. This saves money by eliminating waste. Rice is often pushed to the back of the refrigerator, where it goes bad. 4 cup rice cookers are also smaller, requiring less storage space. Fourth, and certainly not least, they cost less than larger models.

A serving of cooked rice is one-half cup. Using a 4 cup rice cooker will produce eight servings of cooked rice – more than enough for an individual or family, with seconds. Recipes requiring cooked rice usually call for two to four cups of cooked rice, making this cooker perfect.

When comparing different models, price should not be the only deciding factor. Ease of use, the controls- knobs, digital, switches, etc., should be taken into consideration. The interior bowl should be removable for easy cleaning. The lid should have a handle or knob that allows the user to safely handle it without trouble.

The Cuisinart CRC 4 Cup Rice Cooker comes with a removable bowl for cleaning, a spatula, measuring cup and steamer basket for vegetables. Many reviewers had problems with water boiling over. Other reviewers solved this problem using the water to rice ratio on the rice package instead of the manual, adding a little butter to the water or spraying the bowl with cooking spray before adding the rice and water. A single lever controls the cooker. Turn it on and leave it- it automatically switches to warm when the rice is done.

The Aroma ARC-914SBB 4 Cup Rice Cooker comes with a spatula, removable cooking bowl and measuring cup. One great feature is the hinged, locking lid. This prevents little hands from opening the cooker during operation and being burned. Cook rice, soups and stews in this compact cooker. Overall, reviewers love this cooker. A couple of flaws have surfaced- one, the fuse (available at Radio Shack) may fail, and two, the cooker automatically turns on when plugged in.

The Tamaya Rice Cooker looks attractive and stylish. This 4 cup rice cooker has a detachable power cord, removable cooking bowl, spatula, and measuring cup. The locking pressure lid helps keep rice moist for hours. Most reviewers find this cooker easy to use and clean, and are happy with its functioning. A couple of reviewers had problems with the coating on the bowl’s interior flaking, but stated the manufacturer offered new bowls at a reduced price.

My #1 Recommendation for 4 cup rice cookers is the excellent Tiger America 4 Cup Electric Cooker/Food Steamer (JNP- 0720). This is a really high quality 4 cup rice cooker. It has a retractable power cord that makes storage easy. The double walled construction and locking lid ensures rice cooks and flavor stays in. This includes a measuring cup and spatula, and the model has a warming feature that keeps rice warm for up to twelve hours. Numerous reviewers have nothing negative to report about this cooker. One cooker is reported to be in use after nearly daily use for sixteen years. This 4 cup rice cooker is definitely worth the extra money.

When shopping for a 4 cup rice cooker, careful comparison of price, ease of use, reviews of problems noted by other users and safety should be examined. Purchase a model that will last for years without failure or problems. That way, you will get the most for your money!