3 Cup Rice Cookers – Tips and Recommendations

best 3 cup rice cookersA “3 cup rice cooker” refers to the number of cups of dry, uncooked rice can be cooked–not the amount of rice you will end up with. Because rice expands while cooking, 3 cups of uncooked rice will yield approximately 6 cups of cooked rice, dependent on the type of rice. Another important factor is that the “cup” being referred to here is a Japanese cup, which is 6oz rather than the traditional 8oz of an American cup. The small measuring cup included with most rice cookers holds this 6oz amount.

Although a serving size of cooked rice is approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of an American, 8oz, cup, most people eat a cup or more in one sitting. Therefore, 3 cup rice cookers are likely best for singles, couples, or small families. These machines tend to have a small counter footprint, and are therefore also favored by anyone with limited kitchen space.

There are many opinions on which manufacturer sells the best 3 cup rice cooker. 3 cup rice cooker reviews vary widely, but several brands have an edge on the market and are generally recognized as selling the best 3 cup rice cookers: Aroma, Panasonic, Tiger, and Zojirushi.

The Aroma 3 cup rice cooker ARC-733G is a budget model retailing for under $20. Favorable reviews of this product often mention how inexpensive it is, while an often-mentioned negative point is that because there is no non-stick coating on the inner pan, rice may stick at the bottom and burn slightly in the machine. As with most conventional, inexpensive rice cookers, this machine has a basic design and simple interface with only two settings: Cook and Warm, which keeps the rice warm after cooking. The Aroma is a good choice for those looking for a utilitarian model that will produce good rice for a very low cost.

The best-selling Panasonic 3 cup rice cooker SRG06FG, with an uncooked capacity of 3.3 cups, or a 6.6 cup yield. It retails for approximately $30, features a non-stick inner pan, but does not have a warming feature. The Panasonic machine is thus another somewhat utilitarian model that delivers good rice with little fuss. Several users have, however, mentioned that the non-stick coating is delicate and may eventually chip off.

The Tiger 3 cup rice cooker JNP-0550, enjoys excellent reviews in all categories except price. Many reviews note they have been using this machine for many years–up to a decade–and it continues to produce perfect rice. Although the price point on the Tiger rice cooker of approximately $105 is close to the Zojirushi machines, the Tiger JNP-0550 does not have an LCD screen. Tiger models also feature a heavy duty handle, allowing you to transport a fresh pot of rice with ease.

Zojirushi is one of the premier brands of rice cooker, offering several models of Zojirushi 3 cup rice cooker. Zojirushi cookers can initially be separated into two categories: 1) conventional cookers and 2) the micom line, featuring cookers with a computer chip that enables auto-adjustment based on readings from an internal thermal calculator. The Zojirushi micom 3-cup rice cooker models are considerably more expensive, but rice aficionados swear by them for authentic Japanese-style rice.

Zojirushi’s conventional 3 cup cooker is model NHS-06, retailing for approximately $50. It features a non-stick pan, and is complimented for cooking “perfect rice” without fuss or expense. There are three Zojirushi 3 cup rice cookers in the company’s micom line: NS-LAC05, NS-VGC05, and NS-XAC05/NS-XBC05. These models retail for $100 and up. The Zojirushi NS-LAC05 features a stainless steel body with an LCD display. Preset cooking modes for various types of rice are programmed in. The Zojirushi NS-VGC05 adds a layer of versatility: it can also bake cakes. Finally, NX-XAC05/NS-XBC05 machines were designed by a Japanese interior designer for a stylish body, and include a risotto setting. Reviews are extremely favorable in all categories except price, and some complain of the added complexity.

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