16 Cup Rice Cookers – A Guide for Buyers

16 cup rice cookersRice cookers are capable of cooking any type of rice perfectly. They will effortlessly cook white, brown or flavored rice dishes. They also can be used for soups and stews.

There are generally three distinctions between rice cookers and slow cookers. The first is minor; rice cookers’ timers are more suited to cooking rice than those on slow cookers. Secondly, rice cookers often have a feature that directs excess water away from the rice. A vital aspect to making delicious rice is moisture. Rice cookers are designed so the rice can dry. Third, the size of rice cookers is perfect for making a side dish of rice.

The 16 cup rice cooker is one of the most versatile and popular sizes. From seven to eight cups of dry rice, this size rice cooker will produce 16 cups of cooked rice. If the rice is served as a side dish, a half cup of cooked rice is a restaurant serving. With this, up to 32 people could be served a small side of rice. If the rice is meant to be a larger portion of the meal, as is the case in many Asian dishes, plan on one cup of cooked rice per person. Thus, up to 16 people could be served from this size.

Able to serve 16 people, this is an ideal size for large gatherings. When guests are over, there will be plenty for everyone. For large families, 16 cups of rice can save time. A family of 5 would eat approximately half of this during a dinner, leaving the other half for leftovers. Of course, 16 cups of rice do not need to be made every time. These models can make less than their maximum capacity.

Amongst rice cookers, there are two popular models. The Aroma 16 cup rice cooker and the Black and Decker 16 cup rice cooker are both widely used. While both of these are highly recommended by users, there are a few minor differences between the two models.

The Aroma rice cooker is suited for four to 14 cups of cooked rice. Both models, the Aroma ARC-928s Rice Cooker and Food Steamer and the Aroma NRC-600 Nutriware 16-cup Pot-Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, come with a steaming tray. With this tray, vegetables and meats can be steamed while the rice is being cooked. This is a simple way to make a single-pot meal.

Customers recommend both of the Aroma 16 cup models. However, reviews mention that rice will stick to the bottom of the NRC-600. Because this model does not have a timer, it is best if someone is home to turn the unit off when the rice is done. Aroma’s other model, the ARC-928s, automatically switches to a keep warm setting, so this is not an issue. People rave about the consistent quality of rice that this model produces.

The main Black and Decker rice cooker is the RC436 16-cup rice cooker. Unlike the Aromas, this model does not have a steam tray. However, the Black and Decker has a clear lid to monitor the progress of cooking. Users have found the glass lid helpful when monitoring the progress of soups and stews. Some reviewers complain about water being sprayed by this model. However, if you follow the unit’s directions, which use less water than normally used when making rice, this is a great rice cooker.